Japanese vs American TV series

I used to be watch Japanese dramas more than any other types of drama programs. However, after I watched LOST, a super popular and famous American TV series, I started to change.

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American dramas and Japanese dramas are very different kind. They always involve different topics, and the styles are also different. American dramas tends to be longer stories so that more seasons can be produced. Japanese dramas seldom has seasons separations, most of them are finished in 1 single season and normally only involved 11 -13 episodes.


The market of dramas are not the same too. Audiences of Japanese dramas are always Asian. Less residences in US or Europe watch Japanese dramas. However, Japanese drama are still super popular and have its own market, which most of the residences from Taiwan and China read Japanese dramas (also included Japanese, of course!). People lives in Hong Kong, like me, tends to watch both.

So, what about you? Do you love Japanese dramas most? or you read both? and where are you coming from?

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