Tyler Blackburn is cheating!

Just discovered Tyler Blackburn is cheating!

In the new TV series of this year end, “Ravenswood”, Tyler is acting as the main character who are bringing surprises as he is one of the main character in another TV series, “Pretty Little Liars”, too. He is acting as the same character, Caleb Rivers, in both series.

Tyler Blackburn is cheating!

In “Pretty Little Liars”, Tyler Blackburn (as Caleb Rivers in the show) is acting as the handsome boyfriend of Ashley Benson (as Hanna Marin). In the latest season, Tyler and Ashley met Nicole Gale Anderson (as Miranda Collins in the show ) , who is going to Ravenswood to find her uncle. Tyler accompanied with Nicole to ensure her safety. Tyler and Nicole faced a series of mystery events in Ravenswood, which started the other TV show “Ravenswood”, and therefore they stay there for a while.

At the beginning, Tyler Blackburn still loved Ashley the most, and always missed her. But then, in the last episode, things changed. Even Nicole died in an so call “accident” in Ravenswood, Tyler still didn’t leave. Instead, he try his best to help the dead Nicole to find a way to leave the house which is trapping her soul. At first, he claimed that he is doing this for himself, which he wanted to know how those mystery issues related to himself. However, he is actually not. In the last episode, Tyler felt from a building accidentally and temporary dead. When he become a ghost, Nicole asked him to go back to his own body and continue his life, but Tyler refused. Here is want he said: “It feels right to stay here” and touch Nicole’s face gently.

It is obvious that he start having feelings on Nicole, which violate the loyalty to Ashley Benson.  

Nicole Gale Anderson  is dating with Tyler Blackburn

ASHLEY BENSON is dating with Tyler Blackburn

In “Pretty Little Liars”, Tyler and Ashley is a great pair. However, in “Ravenswood”, he suddenly changed and fall in love with Nicole.

What do you think? Do you fell disappointed?

You love Ashley & Tylor, or Nicole with Tylor?

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海上診療所 – 武井咲 真的跟 松田翔太 交往

臨近年終, 最近也沒有什麼有趣的日劇看, 於是打算2013 年完結前看完 海上診療所 這部日劇的最後結局. 這部劇一直都是以搞笑風格進行, 即使數集前的好像很殺氣很重的 戶田惠梨香 , 最後也原來只是一個沒信心的小姑娘, 沒有加害 松田翔太 之意.


整體來說, 劇情十分的老土, 但沉悶的故事, 竟然包含了恐怖的結局…

我想說的是, 當 松田翔太 發現自己的母親只是有喜了, 無奈的離開時, 武井咲 到他家接他回海診丸的情節.當時的刻情中, 武井咲 對著 松田翔太 說了一大堆說話, 勸他回海診丸, 但整個部份中, 武井咲 完全沒有開口, 就說了一大堆話…





而且, 武井咲 在整部劇中都是一個粗暴的女子, 經常對 松田翔太 施加’暴力’, 但在結局時突然變成了溫柔的女人, 而劇中的小妹妹也說她是一個十分溫柔的姐姐… 整個結局的氣氛, 令人覺得 武井咲 的突然的溫柔是假象, 不停想 “可能最後是要捉弄男主角一次”.

你又如何想? 武井咲 真的跟 松田翔太 在一起嗎?
(我還是想要 松田翔太 跟 戶田惠梨香 一起哦!!)